Wrapping a toddler

Sunday, May 29, 2011
How I love wrapping these days...Sofeya sgt cooperate pulak dgn wraps skrg ni...

Didymos Colorgrown waves (CGW)... asalnya nak jual wrap ni...aku sent for traveling, came back to me soo soft...syg pulak nak jual...so am keeping...sesuai utk baby kecik2....carry Sofeya tak sampai 10 minit dah sakit bahu

 Didymoss Hoernum Fishies...sis Leo punya, aku pinjam hehe...syok jgk

Didymos Silk Indio gradation....my 1st custom grad wrap..love the color! again, not suitable for heavier kids...keeping for next squishy hehehe

Didymos Moss linen...I totally love this!!! Solid wrap, very very suitable for toddler... my first Moss, dyed in turquoise..
tapi baru saja sudah jual :( altho I love the color, tp aku lebih suka pink..jual sbb aku nak bli Moss pink
so, this rosey Moss is now mine!!! syok syok!

Why I love wrap?
- can do high back carry...bila baby high back carry, pemandangan dia lebih luas...boleh tgk kat dpn, tanpa diganggu oleh badan kita...contoh mcm gambar last kat atas tu (rosey Moss)...altho it's not a proper high back carry, tp mcm tu la lebih krg
- can carry with many styles...back carry, to be specific, sbb aku suka back carry (dlm apa jenis carrier pun kecuali ring sling dan pouch la)...dan suka rucksack style (rucksack adalah seperti gambar2 aku kat atas tu)
- if using proper wrap, this is the most comfortable carrier!

Wraps do have drawbacks, at least for me :)
- takes a little more time to tie compare to SSC and RS hehe
- some wraps kinda hot, so not suitable for wearing outdoor
- selalu kena marah dengan Anip sbb lambat sgt mengikat wrap haha..biasa laa ;P


  1. wrap first tu yg maria try dulu tu ke?bestny..maria failed wrap..


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